Social Media Promotion For A Business Edge

Social Media Promotion For A Business Edge

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Social Media Sites


In this rapidly progressing age, technology has made the world a global village.  The telephone allowed people in two different locations to talk together in real time.  Email further lessened the distance between people as the speed of communication increased.  In today’s modern world, one of the most popular means of staying connected is through social media sites.


Social media sites entail an Internet-based social connection between people, allowing for a rapid and open exchange of ideas.  Social interaction online is enjoyed on personal computers and cell phones.  While these social interfaces initially began as what the name suggests, social outlets, businesses have discovered the power of an active social media presence online.


To become an active member on Facebook, you must open a business page or account, which is different from a personal account.  Next, get people to become fans of your business page by using Facebook advertising, interacting with individuals on this or other social site and directing them to Facebook, or using your own website to invite them to like your page.


Social Media Promotion


Your business will make a better showing on Facebook if you can get more people interested in your page.  If you’re new to Facebook, take a look at the pages of your competition, so that you know what kinds of Facebook applications they’re using to elevate themselves.


Twitter is another online wonder.  As a Twitter user, you can start posting “tweets” containing links to your business site to keep other users informed.  Your Twitter fans will immediately receive these tweets.  When they comment on them or retweet you tweets, it creates a virtual tidal wave of publicity for you.  Think of the business exposure you are being offered with a website boasting millions of users.


Marketing your Business on Social Media


Another almost vital step toward online success in a modern world where social accessibility dominates is a company blog.  Getting a domain name is the first step.  Even if you are not going to write a blog immediately, take the steps to get the domain name for future use.


It is not difficult to write a business blog.  If you create it on your own, you will be able to choose the layout, design, and topic of the blog.  Any service that offers web hosting capabilities should be able to help you establish a blog through WordPress.


You can also do this yourself if you are computer savvy.  There are also numerous professionals who build and manage blogs according to customer requirements, if you prefer that route.  You will find pros and cons to each approach.


You’ll need to take a bit of time to determine how your blog will best showcase your business and attract and interest your customers.  You will always be able to make adjustments to your blog once you’ve determined how effectively it draws in people.


Social Media Networking


Participate on blogs within your niche.  Such activity encourages visits to your site.  To improve the odds of your success, you can visit sites such as and to find relevant blogs that relate to your area of business.


Do not leave a comment without reading the contents on the blogs.  Take a few minutes to genuinely participate.  You’ll be able to draw more attention to your own blog if your posts on other blogs are insightful, well-written, and offer tangible benefits.  If your comments appear well-written and informative, chances are readers will be encouraged to visit your site.


You will also be able to make contacts with the owners of these blogs which can help the growth of your business in several ways.  Likewise, if your comments appear incoherent and unintelligent or you indulge in spamming, you are likely to frighten away any potential visitors from your site.


Social Media Networking


Social media networking, though once primarily computer-based, has today also spread to mobile phones, as new technologically enhanced mobiles make their appearance.


Two of the more popular social media formats for mobile devices are Yelp and Foursquare.  Yelp is essentially a city-wide directory to the best eats, shops, and similar venues, all featuring online discussions from locals.  Foursquare tells people what their friends are doing and where they are.  It is essentially a traveling Twitter.  These apps are still in the early stages as far as marketing opportunities are concerned.


Flickr and YouTube are examples of sites that have developed into social media marketing opportunities.  YouTube allows users to link to their sites from YouTube videos, or directly load videos onto their sites.  Similarly, you can lure people to your site through the use of photos on Flickr.  Both are widely being used by businesses, and have yet to reach their full potential.


Social media is around to stay.  Embrace the technology.  An effective Internet marketing strategy must focus on the effective utilization of social media platforms to compete on the regional or global stage.  Take advantage of the social media buzz to grow your business and become more visible on the Internet.

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